Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healing my foundation...

Throughout my healing journey I've worked with my chakras to clue me in as to what is still buried beneath my surface.  I thought I had left no stone unturned, but it turns out not so much.  And that's okay because I really do love solving the mysteries that make up me.  I am an eternal work in progress.  But at times, when I have done so much work already, it surprises me that there is still much to do.

Recently I've been working on deeper layers of chakras I've already been through and childhood issues I thought I had let go of.  I should clarify that because I did indeed heal them and let them go.  But what I've realized is that sometimes, they affect deeper layers that I didn't realize at first.  Also, sometimes there is something about the event that is lingering in my energy, even though it is clear from my mind.

One of the books that I have used to heal a number of these issues is, Carolyn Myss' Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing.  I absolutely love this book and refer to it often.  If you are doing any internal healing type work I highly recommend it.  While I have read and reread this book I was recently Divinely guided to look into chakra's two and five again.  To make a long story short (yes, I'm actually going to try to do that) it led me to release a few important blocks, mysteries I have been trying to solve for awhile.  It also reminded me of what an amazing healing tool the chakras are.  Which led me to yet another book, Eastern Body, Western Mind, by Anodea Judith.  Another amazing book that helped me solve even more.  I love working with these energy centers, the more I understand them and their interconnectedness, the more I heal. While reading this book, it really started to sink in how childhood trauma had affected a number of my chakras.  I started to see the symbolism and clues and realized that I had happened upon a very deep level of healing.  One I really needed.  This information is helping me to heal deep energetic wounds that reach to the depths of me.

An idea for an art journal page started to form as I was reading this book.  Our foundation (root chakra) is our stability, where we are rooted into the deep nutrient rich loving soil of mother earth.  That little girl inside of me did not have stable ground, it was shaky at best.  So I decided to create a new foundation for her, one that is stable, grounded, and safe.  While doing this page I also wrote a letter to that little girl; it was a very powerful experience.  It actually surprised me because I healed this childhood trauma in therapy a number of years ago.  I forgave it, I let it go and it no longer haunts me.  But I did not realize that it had a shattering affect on my energy system.  I did not have the tools then to understand that.  I am grateful that I do now.

I told little tia that I understood what she was going through.  I comforted her, I hugged her and I told her how special and loved she is.  I also gave her a voice, dialogued with her.  I can still feel a bit of a lump in my throat as I write this, the lump was pretty strong yesterday when I was doing the exercise.  I walked away feeling better, feeling like I had started to thaw energy that has been frozen in my vibration since I was a little girl.  This page is in honor of her.  This page symbolizes a new, safe, loving foundation for that scared little girl.  This page is an affirmation for me and a way for me to release it and let it go from a deeper level.

And as I still feel the lump in my throat, my fifth chakra, I know there is still much to be released from that area of my body too.  Intensely healing, rooting out things that have been lingering.  And learning because I will take from this and go forth and do great things with it, write my book, guide people along their healing journey's, and even write an e-course that incorporates all of this.

It's been hard work.  I've never worked for anything as hard as I've worked toward wholeness.  I gain more ground every day and I am in awe of it.  Hard work but rewarding.  The reward is wholeness-body, mind, and spirit merged.  It's merging as I write this, I can feel it.  Amazing to go through your entire life not even knowing how fragmented you were.  Even more amazing that at any point you can start the healing process and merge all of your parts.  I think it's amazing anyway.  It sure feels that way :)


  1. Tia,
    I can't begin to thank you for sharing on such a deep level about your Earth page.

    This has meant such a lot to me and now I know what has been blocking me on starting my journal.

    I've noted your book links and will get them downloaded to my Kindle to begin reading right away.

  2. @Kat: you're welcome. those books are amazing, I hope you enjoy them. the things i have healed by working with the chakras in amazing. my next task is to heal my disassociation from my body, also part of the root chakra. are you in effy's elements class? I'm envious, it just wasn't in the cards for me to take it

  3. Tia, You know that my most fond memories are being with you as a child. I had no idea what you went through. You have ALWAYS held you up high, and you deserve to be. Healing is a hard process and I am glad that you are finding your way. Some people spend their whole lives thinking that they have gotten to the root of the hurt, and never actually "live, or let be loved" I pray your get all the positive energy back and wish I could give you a "proud of you" hug. I love you and am here for you...even if across the miles.

    Love Always, Your Cousin..Your Friend,