Thursday, July 7, 2011

Artful Play and a Poem

This was the result of dripping paint on a page, spraying it with water, and taking my heat gun to it.  It was freedom and fun!  Of course, any time I'm playing with artsy things is fun and usually meditative.  Which is one of the many reasons I love to do it.  I'm not sure where this page is headed but I trust it'll let me know.  And I trust I'll listen.

I actually see the hint of a girls face on the right hand side page.  I just might try to add to that.  While I was looking at it words started to come to me.  A poem I think.  So I thought I would share:

She speaks in soft whisperous tones
As she takes a cautious step
Into the ground that is her truth.
She's careful not to put the full weight of her foot down
As she's used to stepping on shaky ground.
Then she realizes
That that is the past.
That shaky ground beneath her feet no longer exists,
As it faded with the passing of its time.
And she remembers
That the stability of the ground of her truth
Is determined only by her belief in it
Not on the past of it.
So she places her foot firmly
On the solid ground of her truth.
She knows the time she's spent rebuilding the foundation of it.
She knows that it is that that she needs to remember.
She sees the security of it now,
Security she has built on her journey back to wholeness.
And she places her "truth" stamp on it,
And she stands firmly there
Rooted in her foundation,
Speaking her truth in audible tones
From her Divine spirit within,
That she has finally claimed as her own.
And the past slowly fades away,
Illusions of some distant day.
They served her well in reminding her
Of who she is and who she is not.
But they were never meant to be contained
And projected into her future.
They were never meant to manifest fears
Freezing her in time.
So she releases them gently,
With love and appreciation,
And they blow away with the wind.
She has traveled long and deep
To find the truth she now holds.
And whether she's flying towards her dreams
Or dancing to her own tune,
She knows her ground of truth will always be there for her,
Strong, stable, and secure.
And she now trusts herself to remember the existence of it that she built.

Owning my power, standing in my truth, speaking my truth...just some of the many internal landscapes I've been in lately.  Digging deep into the depths of me.  I've definitely reached some very deep layers.  It's all good stuff because as the energy starts swirling around and releasing, things start moving forward.  And I am very much looking forward to that :)

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