Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am a beautiful spark of divinity

Tamara LaPorte (a.k.a. Willowing) has a free class on her ning site called, "Art, Heart and Healing."  First off, she is an amazing artist and a beautiful bright spirit and I recommend you check out her work and her YouTube channel.  And if you are looking for some healing art exercises I urge you to check out her class.  It's interesting because, on Easter I sat down and wrote a list of artsy things I wanted to do and try.  Two of the items on the list involved drawing faces that looked more realistic, but not too realistic; and to learn to paint and shade faces to look more realistic, but again, not too realistic.  This is my result from the first week class.  She's beautiful!  I am so proud of her.  I look forward to continuing to practice drawing girls and making them mine, incorporating more of my style, and figuring out what that style is.  I am so appreciative to Tam for giving us the gift of this class, it was very generous of her.  I am also appreciative that she shares her knowledge because I learned so much.  I struggled with shading a face with acrylic paints and Tam uses watercolor crayons, which I am totally in love with by the way.  I am putting Caran D'ache Watercolor crayons on my wish list.  Love them.

I also love my message to me on this piece, "I am a beautiful spark of divinity."  I believe that we are all beautiful sparks of divinity but sometimes we don't know that or we can't see that.  The wounded pile up and we start to see ourselves through the sh*t colored glasses of self hate and self loathings.  To our eyes, that spark dies out, if it was ever there.  But it is there, in each and every one of us.  And as we start to go through the process of digging deep and healing our wounds, the glasses start to get clearer and we start to see the tiniest shimmer of that spark.  That shimmer is hope, and that hope can carry us through until we can take the glasses off and start to see that spark, start to see who we really are.  I've gone through that process.  To know me now is a completely different person from who I used to be.  I'm not sure I believed anything positive about my self in the past.  I struggled and felt crazy because I wasn't like everybody else.  I thought something was wrong with me, I thought everything was wrong with me.  I have such appreciation for the fact that I was that shell of a person and that I no longer am.  If I hadn't been there, I wouldn't be here.  And I love here.  I just want so much to help people work through their wounds, heal their wounds, and let go of their wounds so that they can finally see that they are indeed that beautiful spark of divinity.

I was just watching effy's vlog for today in which she shared some of her story.  I highly recommend you check it out, she, too, is another beautiful bright spirit, authentic and real and inspiring.  I commented to her that one of the things I find amazing about this authenticity movement that seems to be happening is that, as those of us who are wounded healers work through our wounds and share our wounds, we have the opportunity to teach others and to inspire others to walk through theirs.  I also shared with her that it is my goal to help as many people as possible to uncover the beautiful bright spirit that they are.  To help others dig deep and uncover that spirit.  I'm probably being repetitive and I don't mean to be, it is just something that is hugely important to me right now.  For me personally, it would be a waste to have gone through what I have in my life and not use it to help people.  That's just what's right for me.  I have a few projects I'm brainstorming right now and the purpose of those projects is to help people uncover their spirits.  I love what effy shares and the healing community she has at Wild Precious Studio.  I've only recently signed up but the energy of that community is amazing.  And it's free. Great appreciation to effy for putting that out there for us.

Art and healing, two things that pair so well together.  Art and creativity gets us in touch with that deeper higher part of ourselves.  It can be so therapeutic.  And I know that are other people who pair those two subjects and perhaps I'll do a search and share some of them with you at a later date.  In the meantime, it would be worth your time to check out these two women.

I am a beautiful spark of divinity.  You are a beautiful spark of divinity.  What one step, one question could bring you closer to realizing that.  At some level you know it's the truth.  At some level it resonates with you but the wounds and the limiting beliefs, misguided perceptions and false judgments make you doubt it could be true for you.  I know, I've been there.  I used to believe it was true for other people.  I used to believe that other people believed it about me.  Today, I don't just believe it's true for me, I know it's true for me.  And it's true for you too.

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