Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can I just say... very much I am in the place of LOVING this (in a sing-song voice) with this page?

This is page 2 of the fabric book I am working on and I am so happy to have finished it today!  It's fabulous!  I love everything about this page.  I love how well the materials came together to beautifully illustrate this part of the poem I wrote.  I love that I showed up and allowed my Creator to pull this out of me.  I love the colors, the ones that are faded and the ones that pop.  I love the fabric that I painted for the wings and the beads.  I love the dimension of it and how things pop off the page, which you can see a little better in this next pic.

And I think my favorite part are the clay faces.  I saw them in my head and when they were done they turned out far better than I had imagined.  I even love what didn't work out and how I decided to go with it and that I loved the result anyway.  It reminds me of life, how some things don't work out like I expect but if I trust the Universe, have faith in my Creator, and just allow it all to be what it is, it ends up working out.

This project is so personal for me because it is what I'm walking right now.  For most of my life I listened to the voices of the past, the voices of "others" who told me what I "should" do and who I "should" be.  They told me who I was and I chose to believe them because I didn't know better.  Now I am in a place where I do know better.  A place where I'm  no longer allowing myself to be led around by the voices of those "others."  I am in a place where I am choosing to listen to my Inner Voice, that still quiet Inner Guidance because that is the only voice that knows what is best for me because it is the voice of my Higher Power.  There are so many people in life who think they know what is best for us, who have all of these perceptions and beliefs about life, that aren't true by the way, and that they feel it necessary to impose upon us.  Those people don't know what is good for me.  They don't know what is in the interest of my Highest good.  And since I stopped "shoulding" all over myself and allowing others to "should" all over me and started listening to that wisdom within me, life has gotten increasingly better.

This process of exercising my creative muscles everyday, of letting Divine Inspiration flow through me, of mixed media poetry illustration, is beyond amazing.  I have so much gratitude for being able to do this, of being given this gift of passion for creativity.  I am truly blessed!  


  1. I think that's my new favorite phrase..."shoulding all over me".

  2. Tia, I am so inspiredv by what you have done! This blog is great! I'm really proud of you for putting yourself out there and letting others into your creative process. It speaks volumes about you as a person that you were able to shed your skin like this and show who you really are.